Thursday, April 22, 2010


In regards to my search, mentioned previously, I heard back. The answer was disappointing. While this person has the same name as my friend, and really does look like him, he says he is not the same person. And I have to assume that he would know.

The similarity in looks, when I take into account aging, is really amazing. While not the right individual he was a nice one writing: "Hey it's really nice to hear from you though. You sound real, and that is so different on the net. I do know that feels. I have been trying to find a couple of friends for a long time, good luck in your search, feel free to gab anytime." A nice man, just the wrong man.

So, if anyone out there might know Keith or Ken Drapeau please drop a note in the comments section. They would be in their late 40s now. Here is the only photo I have, it is from a news clipping when they were contestants in Mr. Teenage America. They had graduated from Highland High School in Highland, Indiana and were taking classes at Purdue at one point. They had no other siblings, at least none living at home, and lived with their mother at the time. If anyone knows them let me know. Thanks.