Friday, March 17, 2006

It's a French thing.

Students in France have gone on rampages through the streets yet again. This is a French thing. I do not know what mental diseases decimate the French population but it seems serious. And the students were joined by the most reactionary elements of French society, teachers, unions and the Communist Party.

Half the universities in France are closed down by the spoiled children of France. The Sorbonne has been closed for several days. Students have caused close to $1 million in damages at the university --- which they no doubt will think no ought to be required to pay for. And I mean literally no one. The French, more than any other nation, are suffering from the delusion that everything in life ought to be free.

The French government made cautious moves to make it easier to hire young people for jobs by making it easier to fire employees that don’t work out. The French think someone is entitled to a job no matter how incompetent they may prove to be. And if they don’t have benefits from an employer for not working they should have benefits from the state for not working.

More than any other nation I can think of the French make a past time of working hard to avoid work. Being economically illiterate the French have not figured out the reason unemployment is so high is because of stupid laws. Twenty-three percent of Frenchmen under the age of 26 are unemployed. In large cities the number can be twice that.

One brain dead Marxist, but I am redundant, Roger-Gerard Schwartzenberg said: “To create discrimination based on age transgresses fundamental rights.” Press reports did not say if Mr. Schwartzenberg was drooling and babbling during the rest of the day. But there is clearly a screw loose here.

France is one of the most backward nations in Europe and a nation that drags the EU down. It needs to reform but it won’t. Perhaps the solution is that instead of following good policies they should follow a lot more bad policies until the whole thing falls apart.

I suggest they immediately implement a law which triples the salaries of all workers and increases it by five times for workers under 30 years of age. The law should also say that once hired a worker can never be fired for any reason. It should also increase fringe benefits and promise absolute security for the rest of their lives. Since the French are adverse to working, and to “create more jobs”, the law should also reduce work weeks to 20 hours with no reduction in pay.

Within a few weeks the economy will be totally decimated. Employers will not fire workers, since they can’t, they will merely go bankrupt. The French will get exactly what they have worked for. And the stupid students can protest full time demanding that the sun stop in the sky for perpetual sunshine and that rain be illegal.

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