Friday, April 14, 2006

US Marine stopped from flying by airport brownshirts.

A Marine reservist had been sent to Iraq by President Bush. Daniel Brown was there for eight months and was coming home. He was with two other Marines returning home and they were in uniform. When he landed in Los Angeles all he wanted to do was fly to Minneapolis. But he couldn't. He was stopped by the brownshirts who work for the Federal government harassing passangers who make the mistake of flying through the US. It appears that the rather common name, Daniel Brown, is another one of thousands of names on the "Watch List" that the bureaucrats turned out. This means that every human being in the US who is named Daniel Brown is listed as a potential terrorist.

Whenever possible I recommend people avoid flying within US borders. It's not worth the constant hassle. I have myself witnessed uniformed thugs mistreating people, screaming at the public, barking orders like some gestapo agent, and in general just pushing people around. Aren't you glad they treat people like serfs in order "to protect freedom". Of course the US now has the equivalent of an internal passport --- just like the old Soviet Union. Without your "papers" you can't travel anywhere. You certainly can't drive. But now you can't get on airplanes and even buses without being stopped by federal agents who demand that everyone produce their "papers" to satisfy the petty dictators. Even if you are walking somewhere a police officer can stop you and demand your ID. If you don't have it or decline to show it, even if you have done nothing wrong, you can be arrested. Freedom to travel without government papers has all but been abolished in George Bush's America. Of course it took "small government" Republicans to accomplish that.

Brown was a bit dismayed by his treatment. "A guy goes over and serves his country fighting for eight or nine months, and then we come home and put up with this?"