Monday, May 29, 2006

Liberating the world one corpse at a time.

George Bush and Tony Blair have both recently made speeches pushing their globalist agenda. Each is promising to take the military subjugation of nations to more and more countries. Bush is promising that his campaign won't stop until the entire world "is free" (which apparently does not include the US where the Bill of Rights is being shredded). The very people that Iraq needs to rebuild are fleeing the country in massive numbers because of the botch-up there. But all Bush can promise is more and more military crusades to "liberate" more countries.

But what is liberation? It is not freedom though Bush throws that word around a lot. In Iraq it means the election of a theocratic Islamist regime put in power by the US government. It means more terrorist attacks. It was supposed to mean freedom from torture and execution. But then it turns out the US uses torture and so does the Islamist regime it put into power. It doesn't mean freedom from execution either. Members of the national tennis team were recently executed on the streets for weaing tennish shorts. The Islamist regime has death squads that visit neighbourhoods at night and execute people the Islamists want to get rid of. That is Anerican tax dollars at work.

And now we learn that the US military itself went on a killing spree executing innocent civilians. Photographs have emerged showing that US Marines executed up to 24 civilians. One photo showed a mother and her young daughter. They were on their knees praying when shot to death at close range. That is an execution. The photos were taken by a US military photographer who arrived on the scene just after the executions.

One witness said he heard his neighbour pleading for his life in English saying, "I am a friend, I am good." But the neighbour says, "they killed him, his wife and daughters." Marines claimed that the civilians were killed by a roadside bomb but recently a Pentagon official admitted that none of the dead were killed by such a bomb. In fact investigators have concluded that the killings took place over a three to five hour period.

Supposedly the incident began after a taxi with four students was pulled over at a checkpoint set up by the Marines. The occupants were ordered out of the vehicle and executed. Next the marines entered three homes near the checkpoint. They entered the home of 76 year old Abdul Hameed Ali Hassan, a blind man who lost his legs and was confined to wheelchair. He was shot to death. His 10-year-old granddaughter says: "About 10 marines entered the house. They threw hand grenades and began firing in all directions. Grandpa was sitting close to the hall and they shot him dead. The American soldiers... gathered all of us into one room -- my grandma, my mama, my brothers and my uncles. They threw in two handgrenades and started shooting at us." This child says the adults tried to cover the children with their bodies. She says when it was over "everyone was dead around me except for my brother and my uncle."

The child fled to relatives who lived next door only to find all of them, except one young girl, had been executed as well. This second girl testified: "My daddy tried to open the door to let the Americans in, but he was immediately shot in the head and body. I managed to hide under the body of my brother Mohammed. His blood covered me and protected me as I pretended to be dead." Among those murdered were her sisters including Aysha, 4, and Zainab, 2. This girl said" "I was the only one who survived. I watched them kill my entire family."

After the executions the Marines created a cover story but it unraveled quickly. A video by an Iraqi student journalist showed that the victims were still in their nightclothes, unlikely if they were all outside when the bomb went off. And the bodies of the dead showed they had been shot at close range not killed by a bomb. The marines also paid $2,500 in compensation for each of those killed. But refused to do so for the occupants of the taxi sahing they were insurgents. Government officials now say the taxi occupants were innocent civilians. So far the US government has managed to keep the existing photographs out of the media. But the incident itself is no longer hidden.

That US Maines went on a killing spree in Iraq murdering innocent civilians can only complicate the disastrous foreign policy of the interventionists. It is difficult to convince people that you intend to "liberate" them when your own forces execute innocent civilians. Such attacks can only serve as recruiting vehicles for terrorism and create even greater hatred toward the United States. This is only pouring kerosene on an already burning fire. The negative consequences of such actions will be severe and long-term. Government intervention always has unintended consequences and those consequences are negative. While some people understand this about economics, but blank out numbly when it comes to foreign policy, baffles me.