Saturday, May 27, 2006

Russian thugs, govt, attack gay rights marchers

The Putin regime in Russia is dictatorial and undeserving of being recognised as a civil and free society. Putin has thrown out the rule of law. Now more confirmation that the Russian government is uncivilised has surfaced. An attempt to hold a march for gay rights was banned by the thugs in power. Up to 1,000 policemen were stationed all around the city to prevent anyone from demostrating for gay rights. The city bragged: "All the central strees will be under control, as the exact location where the organisers plan to hold the even is unknown." At least 50 people were arrested for attempting to exercise their rights. The BBC says it was more than 70. In addition the BBC reports that foreign supporters of the march were also attacked.

Religious leaders demanded that the civil rights of gay people be stomped out and an Orthodox priest was seen blessing a group of individuals, some carrying religious banners, who then attacked a nightclub for gay people.