Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Rita Verdonk joins a long line of traitors. Shame on Holland.

At this moment I have nothing but contempt for Rita Verdonk. She is the Quisling of Holland, a Petain for the Duth. She is a sell out to the forces of totalitarianism and a traitor to the tolerance and liberalism that once set Holland apart from much of the world. She should resign in disgrace and if she does not resign her party, the Party for Freedom and Democracy, should expel her for bringing shame to them and to Hollard.

Rita Verdonk is a former prison warden. She still acts like one. To the shame of Holland she is the Minister of Immigration and she has unilaterally stripped her fellow party member and member of parliament, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, of her citizenship.

Years ago this young woman came to Holland and sought political asylum. She learned Dutch, finished university, and became a member of parliament. She also became an outspoke critic of radical Islam and as a result Islamists have threatened to kill her. Indeed they did murder her close friend and ally, Theo van Gogh. Pinned to his bloodied corpse was a death threat for Ali.

But the Quisling in the Immigration department has caved in to the forces of radical extremism in Holland. Ali, long ago, admitted that some of the facts on her asylum application were not correct. All were minor issues. This has been common public knowledge for years. Ali herself spoke about it on Dutch television. She did not want her family originally tracing her so she used her grandfathers name Ali instead of the family name Magan.

But a left-wing television station, in bed with the social democrats, did a breathless expose telling Holland what had already been news for years. They exposed nothing new and nothing significant. It was a left-wing smear job. And the gutless "iron Rita" surrendered to the Left and used her powers as minister of immigration to strip Ali of citizenship in the matter of minutes.

I urge people to write the VVD (the Party of Freedom and Democracy) urging them to expel Rita Verdonk from their party immediately for her anti-freedom, anti-democratic positon and her treasonous actions to the best interests of the Dutch people. This is one email I have found that may work for that:

UPDATE: Not only is Verdonk a traitor but a liar as well. She claims that she revoked Ali's passport and citizenship on the basis that she lied about her real last name. She claims she never knew this until a few days ago. This is a lie. Ali has an email address which shows the surname she was born with though she uses Ali for her public life. Verdonk has sent emails to her using her real last name and now claims she never knew this. She also claimed that there was no matter for investigation last Friday but she had already started an investigation. There has been an uproar in the Dutch parliament against Verdonk who is now claiming she was without discretion in the matter and forced to act according to the law. This is not true. Her actions were entirely discretionary. Some think she was acting this way in order to try to topple the leadership of the VVD with higher aspirations for herself. I suggest that the Dutch make the amabassador to Saudi Arabia or Iran. Somebody mail her a burka and give her a plane ticket.