Friday, May 19, 2006

Verdonk blinks

Dutch immigration minister Rita Verdonk blinked. She backed down even after she insisted that it was impossible for her to do. She stripped Ayaan Hirsi Ali of her Dutch citizenship saying she was restricted by law and had to do it. The Dutch parliament erupted into a fury at her especially from her own party. She still claimed that she could reinstate the citizenship as this was impossible. Apparently she had done the impossible and restored citizenship to Hirsi Ali. Conjecture is that she did this to appear "strong" in order to launch a bid to take over leadership of her party. She can kiss that idea good bye. She know appears to be self-seeking, manipulative and dishonest. She was investigating Hirsi Ali while denying that an investigation was needed. She said her citizenship was safe and then stripped it from her. She said she could not possible undo the revocation and then did just that. If she changed her story any more times instead of being in the Dutch cabinet she could be a top official in the Bush administration.