Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Maybe they are starting to get it

Maybe, just maybe, the Democrats are starting to understand that they have become such partisans of the Left that they have moved beyond the public. It's not that the Republicans have been good, certainly not for the last six years, but that the Democrats had been so bad. Now the Democratic Party in Virginia has nominated, as their US Senate candidate, a man who was Secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan.

James Webb is now the official candidate to unseat Republican Senator George Allen. Webb switched his allegiance from the GOP to the Democrats recently over opposition to the war in Iraq. But what is interesting is that he won this difficult primary contest because he had the stupport of top Democrats. Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, Senator John Kerry and far lefty Senator Charles Schumer all supported Webb who is more moderate than left.

Webb's win may turn Virginia's election into a toss up come November. Considered safe for the Republicans they haven't had to contest the election against someone who could appeal to the large number of Republicans unhappy with the authoritarianism and big government agenda of the Bush regime.

Webb's primay opponent was a typical left wing Democrat. But the party members shunned him in a close race. Webb clearly won because he had the support of such high profite party leaders. This could indicate that Democratic leaders understand that they need not just an image makeover but a new agenda. Some Democrats have understood this but still don't seem to understand the problem. Lefty blogger Daily Kos wants "libertarian Democrats" to run for office which sounds good until you read the details. In the end he defines a "libertarian Democrat" as another extreme Leftist calling himself by a different label. The Democrats don't just need new packaging. They need a better product.