Friday, August 04, 2006

Homeland Security coming to a town near you soon.

Are you one of those naive people who thought the Orwellian sounding "Homeland Security" was about stopping terrorism? Still believe in the Easter Bunny as well?
Homeland Security was a power grab using terrorism as the excuse and Homeland Security doesn't protect us from terrorists as much as it assaults the rights of Americans. Let us use the case of the "dangerous terrorist" Russell Kanning as an example. Russell went to the local public office of the Internal Revenue Service with a piece of paper that he wanted to hand any employee inside. Keene believes that the money the IRS takes from reluctant taxpayers is used to fund evil things. No debate there -- from anyone I suspect. His piece of paper asked these employees to reconsider the harm they are doing and to quit their job. That's pretty much it. No threats of violence, no bombs, no violence, no Osama or "evil doers" except those in the employ of the quite legal terrorist organization known as the IRS. In fact it doesn't appear that Kanning was doing anything illegal at all.

But Homeland Security thugs told Kanning he was forbidden from walking into the office to hand out this one piece of paper. You can walk into the office if you want. I could -- not that I would, my mother told me to avoid people like that. But Kanning was specifically told he could not by these Homeland brownshirts. Kanning thanked them and went to give out the one piece of paper. They arrested him, took him to the police staation and eventually released him. A local reporter who tried to cover the story says "plainclothes agents pushed us aside, instructing us to leave the building." And for those who don't think Homeland Security is involved in such assaults on the free speech of US citizens, and is protecting us from terrorists, check out the photo below showing them pushing Kanning into a Homeland Security vehicle. It not the local police invovled in this minor incident but Homeland Security as the logo on the car clearly shows.
Kanning, after his release, drove back to the IRS building with the piece of paper and again tried to hand it to someone. You would think this paper was one of those imaginary weapons of mass destruction. The brownshirts went ballistic. He was arrested a second time and told to appear in court. He said he did not do anything illegal, would not appear in court, and would go back to try and give the one slip of paper to anyone he could.

Now the simpliest thing in the world is to let the man hand out the piece of paper to the terrorists working for the IRS. But the federal thugs would not allow this. Instead, on July 31, armed agents of Homeland Security, the police, Immigration, and who knows who else, raided Kannings home. His wife says: "They just came in and threw Russell to the ground and took him."

Fanning explained what he is doing: "The US government is killing people around the world to expand its power base. It is using our neighbors as cannon fodder and your money to accomplish their evil deeds. They are building an empire on our backs and in our names. They are imprisoning or killing those that oppose them. Enough is enough. Gandhi called his non-cooperation with evil a campaign of civil disobedience. I am calling it 'Tilting at Windmills'. An individual seems powerless against the lone global superpower, but it is the individual consent of each of us that enables them."

Fanning is being held in jail for the next four weeks before appearing in federal court for sentencing on September 6. He has gone on a water fast to protest the government's action. What I find disturbing is the almost total lack of coverage by the mainstream media. They don't seem to find it disturbing that an agency, supposedly created to protect Americans from terrorists, is operating in small towns arresting people for attempting to hnd out leaflets. For his part Fanning says he did get a chance to ask the Homeland agents to resign their jobs. They say they are "just following orders". Where have we heard that before?