Thursday, August 17, 2006

The rats have life preservers. The ship is sinking.

Sure all the polls indicate the Republican Party will pay the price of the botch ups of the Bush administration. That's just one indication that God's Own Party is in trouble. A second is that Republican candidates are not very anxious to be seen as Republicans. They aren't exactly lining up to get King George to campaign for them. But if there is one group that pays close attention to what is happening it is the lobbyists.

These are people who make billions by pulling the political strings in Washington. A few may lobby for freedom but very few. Most are there to use political power to transfer wealth from the public to their special interest or to secure legislation that gives them a similar benefit. In other words these are the professional parasites. And for sometime the lobbyists have been staffed heavily with Republicans. Why? Because the GOP controlled the Senate, the House and the White House. No magic. They wanted favours and the people to ask were Republicans and the best people to get Republicans to act like Democrats is other Republicans. I should note it didn't seem to take much persuading for that to happen. Some, like King George, quickly out spent the Democrats and proved that Republicans could love big government too.

But now the lobbyists, trade groups and others are running around recruiting more Democrats to act on their behalf. Republicans are being quietly moved out of their positions and Democrats are being brought in. If you doubt the ship is seeking check and see which way the rats are swimming.