Tuesday, August 15, 2006

On the way home, US troops ordered back

The men had been in Iraq for a year fighting Bush’s war on terror they were told. Their year was over and they started returning home to loved ones --- the ones who were still alive that is.

They were part of the 3,900 man Stryker Brigade. Some had already made it to their home base in Alaska. Several hundred were in Kuwait looking forward to the rest of their journey. But US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld unilaterally ordered them to turn around and go back to Iraq. All agreements in the military are one way agreements and the soldiers are being sent back to a deteriorating situation in Iraq.

Soldier who live will earn an extra $1000 per month in the meantime.

As for the situation in Iraq. The President my paint rosy pictures but they, like the weapons of mass destruction, are all in his head. Things are not improving. And the call back of troops, exhausted after a year of this, along with the deploying of new troops shows that things are getting much worse than the Administration will admit.