Sunday, August 06, 2006

My highest recommendation

I just watch a 48 minute BBC report which was brilliantly executed and right on target. Entitled "Stealing Freedom" the report dissects how the war on terror is being used to destroy time honoured freedoms in the UK. (Ditto for the United States of course but more so.) This report argues that freedom is not the same thing as democracy, a point that the less informed, like George Bush, don't seem to grasp. And it shows exactly how peaceful, law-abiding citizens are harassed by the state in the name of fighting terror. This is everything the Aaron Russo film "America: From Freedom to Fascism" should have been about but couldn't carry off.

It is a frightening look at the decay in liberty that has set in under the Bush/Blair crusade. It doesn't appeal to nonsense conspiracy theories but looks at the hard and frightening facts of what is actually happening. I can not recommend more highly than I do. Take the time to watch it yourself. I wish American television would have the guts to do the same sort of reporting. You can see the show here: