Monday, August 07, 2006

Dirty, petty, minded bureaucrats

No one every said you had to be intelligent to work for government. Morons have served from the most mundane post to the highest elected office in the land. As if we need reminding. But now and then some bureaucrats sinks to lows of stupidity, any dumber the man could plan in invasion or head up relief for a hurricane disaster.

It appears that a 74-year-old widow attempted to renew her personalised license plates for her car in Ohio, where she lives. She had a simple, easy to remember, plate, very simple for her since she abbreviated the name of a business she and her husband ran: the Northwood Tree Farm. So for the last decade her plate said NWTF. Not any more.

She got a letter from some brain-dead bureaucrat denying her the plates on the basis that they are obscene. Yes, the dirty minded official decided that the plates must actually stand for "Now, what the fuck". I actually would have heard of the phrase but without the "now" at the beginning. I guess I'm not as creative as officials who obviously have nothing better to do with their time. The woman, Pat Niple, says she will appeal but to do so she has to write a letter to some other insane bureaucrat No doubt the letter will be returned because they decided her name was pornographic as in "pat nipple".

Too bad this sort of logic was not more widespread in Ohio. The Secretary of State could have refused to put the president on the ballot because his last name could have obscene connotations. Imagine if that happened! Well, we can all dream can't we.