Sunday, September 24, 2006

Is God fixing the election?

Radical fundmentalists preaching jihad. Of course this wasn't Iraq, Iran or Saudi Arabia. It was a collection of the American taliban at the "Values Voter Summit". All the Grand Poobahs of theocracy were there from Rev. Jerry Falwell to James Dobson of Focus on Some Families. He pretends they focus on the family but only families they approve of, the rest he thinks can go to hell, literally.

Grand Wizard Falwell acknowledged the polls show the Republican Party is in trouble. But he assured everyone that God was ready to step in and fix the results. He said: "I think we're going to keep the House and the Senate. I think the Lord will take care of that."

Now who is the "we" in "we're going to keep the House and Senate"? Obviosly it can only mean the Republican Party. So Falwell is openly equating the Republican Party with fundamentalist Christianity. Of course everyone else knows this is the case so why do I mention it?

For one reason: All Saints Episcopal Church of Pasadena, California. All Saints, as we already blogged, is being subjected to an inquisition by the Internal Revenue Service. Their sin was to preach that Jesus wouldn't approve of the war in Iraq. I don't pretend to know what Jesus would or wouldn't want and automatically distrust anyone who does. But All Saints merely preached about an issue. It didn't endorse a candidate or a party. The minister at All Saints never referred to the Democratic Party saying: "I think we're going to take control of the House and Senate, the Lord will see to that."

There was no political equation made where the Democrats were God's party. They didn't go nearly as far as the Grand Wizard of fundamentalist intolerance. So why are they being investigated and not Falwell, Dobson, James Kennedy, and the others from this theocratic klavern? Is the administration using selective enforcement of the law to harass opponents while ignoring outright violations of tax codes by their friends? It sure looks that way.

And is it a coincidence that the fist of the IRS came down on All Saints only weeks before the election? Is this a warning to other churches who might oppose the Bush agenda? Of course the cackling poobahs of hate at their conference were swamped with big government Republicans wanting to saddle up with the theocrats. That partisan politics and tax exempt religion are so intertwined doesn't bother the IRS except when the politics opposes Bush. Take note that the following Republicans were at this conference: Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romey, Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and Senators George Allen of Virginia and Sam Brownback of Kansas. And the real hoot here is that some conservatives, who pretend to be libertarian, are paid by Allen to promote his campaign. These fake "neo-libertarians" are trying to make the Bushite big government Allen into some sort of libertarian. But Allen's real agenda comes out when he hangs out with the Grand Wizards of intolerance.