Saturday, October 07, 2006

Cops kill more dogs and lie about it again.

I have regularly blogged about the out of control US police who are trigger happy and Constitution shy. Now via Radley Balko's blog I learn of another two cases of bad policing.

Ty Johnson was at his home when 30 police stormed through the door screaming "Search warrant!". Johnson says they never showed him a warrant. Police forced him, his wife and his daughter to lie on the floor and ransacked the house looking for something but no one seems quite sure what.

The police admitted to the newspaper that they conduct raids in a manner which "does not allow for pet owners to corral their dogs." So if some dumb cop gets the wrong house or believes a bad tip they will burst through your door and execute your family pets. Of course the police claimed that both dogs that were murdered attacked them first. Johnson said the dogs were terrified and running away from the cops.

Over and over civilians who are attacked by these thugs in uniform testify that the police execute terrified pets and over and over the police lie. Generally speaking a police officer can't be trusted to tell the truth when it comes to his job. Johnson says the puppy was trying to run to him, no doubt for protection when the police murdered the family pet.

The next case illustrates the dangers of trigger happy cops with a license to kill.

An elderly couple were enjoying the peace and quiet of their home bothing no one. Police however screwed up. They claim that a man had been making obscene phone calls to college students and harassing them. They wanted him. They got his phone number but wrote it down wrong. On the basis of the wrong phone number they got an address but to the wrong house.

And the odd thing is that instead of simply going to arrest the man they decided to raid him for pornography. I guess a police salary isn't enough for them to afford their own. Perhaps some readers can chip and donate porn to the cops. With any luck they'll spend all their time in the john with some porn and the pets of America can relax.

About half a dozen of these Keystone cops pulled up in front of the house and took pictures of it. Then Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife yelled "Now let's go inside and get some porn." I thought they were there to arrest someone harassing women. Porn per se is not illegal. So what is their obsession. The homeowner said: "What would you do if somebody came toyour door and ripped your house apart, turned everything upside down and said you are a porno freak?" Hey, just be glad you didn't have a dog.

Police did conficate DVDs such as The Lion King and Snow White which belong to the couples granddaughter who often visits them.

Police said that mistakes happen. But that's the point. With their new style of shoot first and ask questions later these mistakes kill innocent people.

If this were "drugs" the police then take the raids up several notches and have their guns out and aimed when they destroy a person's front door. They don't announce who they are until they are inside. Terrified home owners try to defend themselves since they don't know who is attacking them. People get killed. And because police botch up fairly regular it's not even criminals who are getting killing but people who have violated no law.

The elderly couple living there said the police were rude and tried to humiliate them. They also said that police told them there would be press coverage of the case unless they confessed. Of course neither of these old people were the individual for whom the police were searching.