Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bush regime funds Iraqi terror

You might have missed this story. But the Iraqi government had to suspend "an entire brigade of as many as 1,200 police officers for suspsected connections to a mass kidnapping and murder."

The members of the Eighth Brigade walking into a meat process plant and kidnapped 26 workers there. Six of them were later found executed. A US Gerneral with the invasion force said "there was some complicity in allowing death squad elements to move freely, when in fact they were supposed to be impeding their movements..." It has been known for quite some time now that the police forces, armed and financed with US money, were operating as hit men for the extreme Islamists. This site has blogged on this problem in the past.

The Boston Globe reports: "New Ministry of Health statistics released yesterday show that 2,667 civilians died violently in September, and 2,994 more were injured -- a level consistent with the summer's spike in violence. A substantial number of them fell victim to death squads which pull passers by off sidewalks, seize them from their homes, or drag them out of their cars, then take them to unknown locations. Their bodies usually are found with gunshot wounds and signs of torture."

The sectarian violence in Iraq that is killing thousands of innocent people per month is financed by the Republican regime in Washington. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that Republicans are pro-freedom and that to question this war is to "cave in to Islamofascism" or such rot. The fake war on terror doesn't fight terror but recruits new members for it and then pours money into it via the Iraqi government.

In the recent attack on the meat processing plant the police took the workers away and beat them before separating the Sunnis and Shi'ites into two groups. Shi'ites were allowed to leave. All the individuals executed were Sunnis.

Remember the US helped install a government led by the religious extremists in Iraq. These are the same sort of extremists who attacked the US repeatedly. But now they have power with hundreds of millions of dollars given them by the Bush Administration. The Republicans don't fight terror, the feed it and they fund it.

Bush and his team have installed an Islamist regime in Iraq that is allied with Iran and with Hamas. They helped give Iraq a radical Islamist constitution suppressing freedom in the name of Islam. It has channeled millions and millions of funding to the Iraqi regime run by these extremists. So why the surprise that the funds are being used to execute people for not being members of the extremists sects?

The terrorists have been given a major boost by Bush. If he hates terrorism why is he funding it? If he is against Islamists why did he install them in power in Iraq?

Responsibility for fueling, and funding, the terrorist network belongs to Bush and the Republican Party. Next in responsibility for helping terrorism are those who vote Republican. Next are elected Democrats who have been too timid in opposing the Bush White House. Terrorists have gained strength under Bush but then they would. After all if you install an Islamists regime in power and give it hundreds of millions that is what you would expect.