Monday, October 02, 2006

UK Tories misled by Cameron

Each day it appears that UK Conservative Party leader David Cameron is bad news for classical liberals. At first he appeared to be a breath of fresh air but the more he opens his mouth the more it becomes clear he is economically illiterate and no friend of liberty. Tax reform is need in the UK but Cameron won't even promise it. He's dead set against any tax cuts.

"Those people who say they want tax cuts and they want them now -- they can't have them." Boy, doesn't that sound like a petulant school child. He says he wants a country that is more green, which sounds like Left-wing controls and "family friendly" which sounds like Right-wing controls. He also makes it somewhat obvious he won't reform health care and has fully embraced socialised medicine. He drones on about quality of life and social responsibility --- slogans that usually mean one is a socialist statist.

Refusing to expand freedom, of course, is potrayed as standing up for principles and making "tough choices". He also said that the Tories got it wrong on minimum wage and that he loves it. As I said, he's economically illiterate. But any attempt at sound economics is called pandering to the rich by Cameron. Evern since John Major the Tories have been floundering and Cameron is actually worse than Major.

He is dragging the Tories in the wrong direction. The Liberal Democrats are looking better and better every day. I suggest the day will come that the majority of old Tory voters will be supporting the LibDems. And with Cameron misleading the Conservatives that day may come sooner rather than later.