Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sweden ready to send gays to their death.

Gay Iranians seeking refuge in Sweden will now be returned to Iran where homosexuality is punishable by death. Iran is believed to have executed up to 100 gay men in the last few years. The most prominent case of note recently was when two teen age boys were publicly hanged for homosexuality.

The Swedish state says that Iran has assured them "that homosexuals risk no dangers there -- as long as they are discrete." Discrete means that no one knows the person is gay, that they live in isolation, without a partner, and don't act in any way, or say anything, that might give one the indication that the individual is gay. It is like promising freedom of religion provided you don't attend services, pray, read your "holy book" or engage in a religious activity. Imagine the uproar if Sweden sent political dissidents back to be executed but told them that if they don't dissent they would be safe.

An Iranian man who had been imprisoned and assualted by police for being gay is being deported by the Swedish Board of Migration which says he faces "no concrete and individual risk if he were to return to Iran." The court referred to a report by the Swedish foreign ministry which claimed that gay people in Iran could avoid being executed by leading "discrete and withdrawn" lives. Oh, how nice. Shame on Sweden.

The photo disturbs me to no end. It is taken at the hanging of the two teenagers mentioned earlier. This is what Sweden is willing to allow to happen. I hope that all those people who had Buy Danish logos on their websites add "Boycott Sweden" to the sites as well. And to think I was going to shop at Ikea! (I know it's not there fault but if people let Swedish firms know they are displeased maybe the firms will put pressure on the idiots in Stockholm who write the laws.)