Thursday, September 28, 2006

Police handcuff kids, kill pet dog

In Schenectady the police attacked a home (they call it a raid for pot) and handcuffed young children and murdered the family dog, Precious. Police claimed an older son living in the home had sold $60 worth of pot over the previous two months.

In an early morning "raid" the police broke down the door to the apartment of the woman and and her children. No attempt apparently was made to knock on the door and serve a search warrant. The owner of the apartment said: "I heard a big boom. My first reaction was to jump out of bed. We were trying to find where our kids were and all of a sudden we had guns in our faces." Now if you have followed the Cory Maye case you will know it is stupid tactics like this that get cops killed. If you are asleep in your bed and with no warning armed thugs burst through your door you first first instinct is to protect yourself. Shoot first and ask questions later. In this case the family was not armed however.

But how many dead cops do they want? Obviously they want more.

The family pet was executed. This has become routine with drug raids. Trigger happy cops wanting to kill something figure the dog is an easy target. In every single case they whine the dog was "aggressive" and "we had no choice." Over and over the same thing happens. Over and over the home owners, including people who had no drugs at all, say it is a lie and that the dog is usually fleeing in terror.

The evidence in this case is that the cops lied. Surprised? The dog was in the kitchen when these licensed killers took a shot at it. The dog was so terrified it urinated on the floor and ran after the first shot was taken. It ran into the bathroom to hide and the police pursued it and executed it there. A dog that is fleeing in terror is not aggressing by defintion. The only aggressive dogs were in uniform.

Elijah, the 11-year-old son says he awoke to find armed men pushing a shotgun into his face. "I punched at him. I didn't know who he was." Again the police lied. They claim they had "good reason" to pull guns on children. They said the house had weapons. None were found. A typical lie to cover up the fact that the police in America are out of control.

Police Lt. Peter Frisoni said: "The moral of the story is: If you don't want officers barging into your house with their guns drawn, don't let drug dealers stay with you and deal drugs out of your apartment." Hmm? I thought the moral of the story is the drug war is out of control and cops are using it as an excuse to engage in violence for kicks. A similar comment could have been made to some people who hid Jews during the Holocaust. "If you don't want officers barging into your house with their guns drawn, don't let Jews stay with you."

The moral of the story is that cops who conduct raids like this get shot and die. And you can't blame homeowners for defending themselves. Consider the typical tactic used by these armed officers. They attack the home while people are asleep. They crash through people's doors and flood the house with armed men shoving guns into the faces of sleeping children. If I had a gun and heard someone breaking down my door then I'd shoot, especially if I had children in the house. Cops who do this will get killed. They will kill innocent people. They will kill children. People will have their lives taken from them over $60 worth of marijuana.

I don't know when the police will get the brains to figure out that they are increasing the likelihood that their own officers will be killed. You'd almost think they want that to happen. Perhaps the only thing that will bring this insanity to an end is repeated and countless tragedies that are caused by violent cops and allowed to continue because the facts are covered up and fellow officers lie about what went down. It is frustrating to see this happening in a formerly free nation.