Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Animal rights activists kill thousands

So called animal rights activists sent 15,000 fish to their deaths. In a wanton act of vandalsim the activists attacked a fish farm destroying offices and equipment. They also released the fish into the wild where they were unable to fend for themselves. The fish started turning up on the beaches dead.

They starved to death. This was a knowable consequence of the actions these individuals under took. Thus they are responsible for the results. By their own code of morality they are genocidal maniacs who sent thousands of poor animals to their deaths. Many of the halibut released were eaten by gulls or otters.

Now I wonder if an otter eating a halibut is immoral to these thugs or if the only problem arises when you used silverware and a tablecloth? Is it only immoral for humans to eat fish or is it immoral when animals do it? Should animals which eat other animals be incarcerated in animal prisons? Do we have an animal death penalty?

Now what are these thugs doing to bring themselves to justice for their mass slaughter of the fish? Surely by their own ethics they ought to be punished for violating the rights of fish. And with thousands of them dead the trauma of their act must be hard to endure. Surely they need punishment just to be able to sleep at night.

I'm not one to fall for the line that fish have rights. Nor do I think these activists are driven by a love for animals at all. I think they suffer from an exaggerated hatred of humans.