Monday, October 02, 2006

Republicans lie about gang of gays beating GOP loud mouth

Justin Zatkoff is a College Republican. The story went out that as he was leaving a meeting of the Republican group he was beset upon by some angry villians who beat him up over his political views. As you can see his eye is in bad shape. Zatkoff claims he was beaten so badly he can't remember who did it.

The police investigated and they have a different story.
The Ann Arbor News reports that without hours of the attack "rumors quickly spread in Republican circles that Zatkoff was viciously beaten for his political views in one of the state's bluest of cities." The Wonkette blogsite reported that "a source close to Justine" suggests he could have been attacked by blacks or "attacked by a homosexual rights group". Gee, blame the gays for everything. Typical Republicans.

A Right-wing web site called this a "hate crime" saying he was beaten by "liberal thugs" and one hysterical Republican sent out a warning to fellow party members to "travel in groups until the election was over" and to pray. The extremists at the web site complained that the main stream media had not picked up the story. The Michigan College Republicans said "there is quite a bit of speculation that he was targeted by leftist groups." Don't you love that. They speculate among themselves and then report their own speculation as news.

In reality Justin's lights were punched out by a friend of his from high school. According to police Justine was at a party and "picked a fight with some of his friends, and got punched in the eye." The young Republican can't remember anything, not because he was punched, but because he was drunk. The web site in question never apologized for reporting a falsehood. Instead they moved on to falsely smearing Republican Congressman Mark Foley as a "pedophile". I guess they never learn from their mistakes. Learning from your mistakes is evolution. And Republicans don't believe in evolution.