Saturday, October 28, 2006

He should have lied about war. They do.

The Republican Party runs some pretty awful candidates. Certainly in the Senate races I think Santorum in Pennsylvania, Harris in Florida, and Allen in Virginia are among the worst. Allen is the one who has a history of racist remarks. Allen's opponent is a former Reagan administration official who is running as a Democrat. He also, in recent years, was a novelist.

Well the Allen campaign is dragging out passages of the fiction that Webb wrote to show his values about "family". Remember "family" is Republican code for hate. Typically they drag out family when they want to attack gays to appeal to bigots. Well, in Virginia they think the bigots need some encouragement to go to the polls. And the best they can do on Allen is drag out his fiction.

Allen wrote stories that dealt with wars, the military and other adult themes. They were not porn by any means but like most contemporary fiction there would be sexual material in the novels. And what an adult reads sitting at home is a very different thing from what is read out loud in public where anyone can hear it. The Theopublicans know there is a difference but they are desparate. Allen is spending millions of dollars poured into his race by the Republicans while Webb has a very modest budget in comparison and yet the two are in a statistical tie in the polls.

So to prove that Webb is anti "family" the Republicans take racy sections of his novels and want them read out loud in public. Big government theoocrat Allen says the passages are "very disturbing". I have no doubt that Allen and his supporter are disturbed. I've been saying they are "very disturbed" for a long time. I suspect Allen and I don't mean the same thing however.

Vice President Cheney's wife wrote a novel which had lesbian sex in it. Yet if Democrats read those passages out loud during the campaign the hypocritical Republicans would howl with rage. They howl with rage a lot but in that case it would be particularly loud.

The Theopublicans want to paint themselves as being concerned about women. Right! So one weasel from the Allen campaign attacked the novels because they "show a pattern of disrespectful treatment of women." Ah, they are about war. Does this dunce think that wars are a time when women get great treatment? Wars, as history proves, are a time when women are often treated very badly especially those in the combat zone. But shame on Webb for writing a novel about war that doesn't do what the Bush Administration does in regards to wars: lie.