Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Some small updates

I didn't get much sleep last night having gone to bed very late and then I awoke rather early so I'm getting dizzy with exhaustion. I'll have my dinner and then be off to bed. But there are little issues to wrap up for the day.

The big news is the departure of Rumsfeld as secretary of defense. Gee, it couldn't happen to a more deserving man. Actually it could but Bush won't resign. And if Bush did resign we'd get Cheney and if Cheney resigned the president would be the Speaker of the House and since the next Speaker is likely to be Nancy Pelosi I'm not sure we are making much headway. In addition I don't want a unified government where one party has the Senate, the House and the Presidency. We get lousy government that way. Keep them divided.

So with Rumsfeld gone what will change? Hard to say. I suspect Bush will be working to manipulate the Democrats into extending the disaster in Iraq longer and longer. The Democrats need to have their feet held to fire and told to get out now. Bring the troops home.

Now from what I read Bush basically said that he discussed Rumsfeld's resignation with him a couple of weeks ago. Interesting. I remember His Majesty announcing that Rumsfeld would be in office until 2008. So while he was telling people that Rumsfeld would stay he was aleady talking to him about going. So he was lying when he said Rumsfeld was staying. Actually I suspect he is lying now. I think the stunning defeats he suffered told him to do something, make someone the symbol, the scapegoat and get rid of him and since voters are pissed about Iraq then Rumsfeld is the best scapegoat. Regardless he was either lying then when he said Rumsfeld would stay or lying now when he said they discussed Rumsfeld's departure a couple of weeks ago. Either way the man can't be trusted to tell the truth.

Officially the Democrats have 50 seats in the Senate with the two independents. And it all comes down to Virginia where Webb still leads but there will be recounts and no doubt lots of Republican lawyers. A Republican is bad enough. A lawyer is bad enough. Combine them and it is just unbearable. But it still looks like the Democrats will pick up Virginia. Montana, by the way, was the last state declared for the Democrats.