Sunday, November 12, 2006

A violent peace

I have commented on the faux “peace” activists on the Left in the past. In particular I mentioned the activist who got in a debate with a young couple on a London bus. He was leering at the woman and she asked her boyfriend to say something. The activist, who went to Iraq to be a “human shield”, followed the couple off the bus and hit the man in the face. He feel to the pavement and hit his head and was in a coma. Sweet guy this “peace activist”.

I’ve joined my share of “peace marches” as well. Why? Because I was genuinely opposed to the military interventions that were being protested. I stopped joining the marches. Why? Because the lunatic Left would show up and go on the rampage every single time. The victims of their attacks almost never had anything to do the conflict. It was just a nihilistic hatred that inspired them. And much of the Left is inspired by this obsessive hatred. Right wing kooks hate specific groups of people. Left wing kooks hate everyone and everything equally. They think that gives them the moral high ground. And this has been the history of the extreme Left for a couple of centuries now. The people attracted to the fringe Left, like those attracted to the fringe Right, are people with real problems.

Tim Shadbolt is from the radical Left. And he partnered up with Miriam Cameron. They gave birth to a child, Reuben. There birth notice referred to him as “ a young revolutionary son, 8 1/2lb - our thanks to the welfare state and those who man her.” Well Miriam is finally talking. The New Zealand Herald says: “For three decades Cameron has remained silent about her 20-year relationship with the Kiwi icon and Mayor of Invercargill - a man she says has traded on his image as a loveable buffoon and peace-loving activist. In reality, she says, Shadbolt was also a wife-beater, a serial adulterer and a chauvinistic father who put the pursuit of political power and public office above his family.”

Shadbolt, who has been a career Left-wing politician punched her on numerous occasions and more than once sent her to hospital with her injuries. Shadbolt also felt it was fine for him to sleep around whenever he felt the urge. Cameron was not so thrilled about the idea, she says. So when he continued to do so she meet up with a man she always liked and spent the night with him. She was breast-feeding Reuben when she told Shadbolt and he punched her in the face several times sending her to hospital yet again.

The political Left rightly points to the hypocrisy of the Religious Right. It is said that they rant so much about “sexual sins” because they are so guilty of such things themselves. And this is correct. We’ve all seen it. It is not the person who speaks openly about conflicts regarding sexual matters you have to worry about, although that seems to be the person everyone concentrates on, it is the person who is the loud and vocal moralist that ought to concern you.

But the same is true with the Left. They talk about peace and practice violence. The drone on about the “people” and then massacre large numbers of them whenever they have absolute power: China, Russia, Cuba, Cambodia, to name just a few obvious examples.

Between these two brand of competing hypocrisy there has to be something better.