Monday, December 04, 2006

Racist "artist" raps Oprah.

A racist has verbally attacked Oprah Winfrey. Of course the media won’t report that he’s a racist because the idiot who insulted Winfrey is also black. The bigot is a man called Curtis Jackson III but he calls himself “50 cent”. His “talent” is rapping which says a lot. In other words he doesn’t really have any talent at all. At least he can’t sing.

He comes from a criminally inclined family. His mother was killed during a failed drug deal in her home. He obviously was too stupid to learn from his mother’s failings and was arrested for drug dealing himself.

In another incident with a fellow “rapper” Jackson was stabbed when the other man accused him of stealing jewelry from him. And his fragile childish ego is such that he has been in numerous feuds with other rappers who he felt had “insulted” him. He’s been involved with feuds with far too many people to list indicating he may have some real mental problems himself. But by now you are getting the indication that this man is basically trash.

So why does he hate Oprah? He says she is black on the outside and white on the inside. He says she “started out with black women’s views but has been catering to middle-aged white American women for so long that she’s become one herself.”

Now what is a white view? I always thought values were non-racial. You are either a decent human being or you aren’t. Color is not involved. Racists argue that values are endemic in the color of the skin. The Klan kind of racist says all blacks are criminals like Mr. Jackson. Mr. Jackson is a similar kind of bigot. He thinks there are views that correspond with one’s skin color and apparently with one’s sex as well. So Oprah thinks like a white woman. And Jackson thinks like a Klan member.

One reason rap “artists” hate Oprah is that she has not invited them onto her show. That shows taste to me.

Now you want to know what is funny. Read Thomas Sowell’s essay “Black Rednecks and White Liberals.” Sowell shows that the ghetto culture lauded by talentless “rap artists” is not uniquely black at all. It is the culture of what used to be called “white trash”.

It is the old white Southern culture (which will infuriate some who want to pretend the South was a great bastion of western civilization). It is a system of values which made the white trash of the South poor. And when slaves were freed some of them adopted the same culture that was around them. Today, Sowell notes, most Southern whites and most blacks have abandoned that culture. But one place it lives on is in ghetto life glorified by “gangsta rap”. Certainly what Sowell outlines is something I’ve witnessed in white “hillbilly” culture myself. I grew up near a couple of major enclaves of poor southern whites in the north. And when I worked in black ghettos as well I saw the same thing.

It’s not a racial at all. It’s an issue of values. And any race that adopts bad values with get bad results. “Rap artists” tend to exhibit the values of thugs and that may explain why Mr. Curtis has been shot nine times. I, for one, wouldn’t lament an even ten. I have little doubt that his association with crime and violence is not yet over. Nor do I have little doubt that the values he promotes in the trash he calls “rap” will lead to more dead black men than the Klan every wished possible. Not only is his idea that there is racial thinking itself racist but he promotes values that kill black Americans.