Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Stopping ID theft by encouraing it.

The immigration Gestapo in the US today conducted “raids” on numerous plants owned by Swift & Company, a large meat packing company. Agents attacked, ah, raided, plants in Colorado, Nebraska, Texas, Iowa and Minnesota.

The justification was to arrest immigrants who found honest jobs in the US with the permission of the dunces in Washington. Racists around the country will applaud.

Another excuse for the raid was because “there may be hundreds of potential US citizens who are victims of identity theft.”

Now identity theft is a problem. But lets be honest it is a problem created by the brainless occupants of Congress and the White House. America is not supposed to have national identity papers required. Such “papers please” societies are the stuff of which dictatorships are made. It has no place in a free society. But the White House and Congress have slowly been forcing such issues in more and more places.

It used to be that one could walk into a bank, show them a driver’s license and open an account in a couple of minutes. Now the Patriot Act strips Americans of that ability and they must prove their identity to bank employees who are forced to do the job of federal agents. It used to be legal for any one to do a job anywhere in the US, unless the job itself was regulated by licensing laws.

But you didn’t need ID to hire a waiter, a gardener, a cook, a clerk, etc. The federal government has stepped into these private employment contracts and taken control of them. They issue orders regarding the individuals you are allowed to hire. If you do not force them to give you ID you can be arrested and jailed. It’s to protect freedom of course! (Any more protection and there won’t be any freedom left needing to be protected.)

Racists in various communities are pushing through legislation requiring people to show ID to rent an apartment as well. So people can’t work without the ID, can’t live without the ID, can’t have bank accounts without the ID. Now take these policies and put them up against the facts.

It is a fact that the US is situated immediately next to a much poorer nation. It is a fact that many of those people want to work in the United States. These evil people want to feed their children. How dare they! The monsters. They want jobs, honest jobs which they have trouble finding in Mexico.

The US has a surplus of jobs. Yes, a surplus. There are more jobs that need doing than people to do them. Most those jobs have been priced out of the legal market by interventionist economic policies. But the US could provide millions of jobs that Americans don’t want. The poor people next door, with a perverse desire to feed their families and improve their lives, are willing to do such jobs. They are willing to pick crops if they have to do so. They are willing to tend gardens and bus tables. And their lives would be vastly improved if they were allowed to do so. But a coalition of “do good” lefties and racists righties have made such work illegal or difficult to obtain.

But these people, poor as they are, are going to do what it takes to survive and they will cross the deserts seeking a better life. Now they come to the US. The racists have pushed through legislation to close off legal opportunities to them. So they have several options. They can try to find fake ID and get legal jobs or they can turn to crime.

I for one think those seeking legal jobs ought to be applauded. But to work they must use fake IDs. Identity theft became necessary only when legal work opportunities were shut off.

In addition the feds made ID theft much easier. Every day Americans are forced to turn over their ID for day to day transactions. Forced to do so because the US government has made it mandatory for numerous things. You must carry ID to drive a car, show ID to board an air plane. You have to have ID and show it to open a bank account or every buy cold medicine.

Americans must now identify themselves in ways never before necessary because the US is getting more and more authoritarian and less and less free. This process encourages identity theft and makes it easier.

It encourages it because these people must steal someone’s identity in order to find a job, open a bank account or rent an apartment. It makes it easier because the laws forcing citizens to identify themselves means their ID information is now spread all over the place.

The identity theft problem is one created by politicians. So what will they do about it? And this ought to scare you. They will solve the problem they created by requiring a national ID book carried by all citizens. The reality is that each time government intervention and power creates a problem the government solves that problem with more of the same thing.