Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

The delusion in the White House is frightening. It’s not just denial we’re talking about, it’s full fledged delusional thinking. Iraq is a disaster but how does President Moron describe the situation: “we’re not succeeding as fast as I wanted”.

Get that? America is succeeding in Iraq just not as fast as Bush wanted. Succeeding? By what definition? The headline of the press release from the White House is “President Bush: ‘We’re Going To Win’”. Right, George!

So America is winning in Iraq and it’s going so well we are sending more troops to die in the sand. Now the White House also says the “enemies of liberty” (I think they mean those not in the White House) “responded fiercely to this advance of freedom” and “they had success.” So America is succeeding and the “enemies of freedom” are succeeding. How nice, a win-win situation.

Bush also says the US can’t “give up on the hundreds of millions of ordinary moms and dads across the Middle East who want the hope and opportunity for their children that the terrorists and extremists seek to deny them, and that’s a peaceful existence.” Delusion! Hundreds of millions in the Middle East are not supporting the US occupation of Iraq. That is just Twilight Zone thinking.

Bush is making it clear that he won’t budge on Iraq. His fundamentalist mind set does not allow him to accept he was wrong, he was spectacularly wrong. His analysis was wrong. His decisions were wrong. His stubbornness is wrong. But Bush thinks that being consistently wrong is called principle.

If you carefully read what Bush says it is clear he will not leave Iraq no matter what the voters want. He says he will work with Democrats and Republicans to find “a new way forward that can succeed in Iraq.” His demented mind thinks “Victory in Iraq is achievable” and “most Americans” don’t “want us to get out now.” He’s willing to follow any path “that leads to victory”. He won’t leave because leaving “would hurt the credibility of the United States” as if his presidency hasn’t already done that.

In other words this lunatic thinks the war can be won. But he has no clue as to what a victory would look like or what it would mean. If he is so delusional as to think that Iraq will adopt Western liberal values then he’s totally insane. Why does he expect Islamists in Iraq to adopt Western Enlightenment values when he himself rejects them?