Friday, December 15, 2006

Bureaucratic moron of the week.

More and more I conclude that the bureaucrats running government schools are morons. Our moron of the week is Michael Shaffer, principal of McCulloch Middle School in Marion, Indiana. Yes, Mr. Shaffer you are the premier moron of the week. Of course you have steep competition since you do work in a government school but still you came out ahead in the stupidity race.

Four girls showed up at school wearing the same outfit. The girls are in an after-school dance group and are friends. But Shaffer suspended them for five days from attending classes because they dressed alike! For as long as I remember students were penalized for dressing differently.

Two of the girls said McCulloch accused them of being gang members. Sure I see the connection. The girls are black, they dressed alike and blacks are gang members who dress alike so the girls are gang members. A perfect example of what government schools teach as logic.

The media tried to find out from Principal Moron why the girls were suspended. He said it was because they violated school rules. Of course the follow up question regarded what rule they supposedly broke. That was a question Principal Moron refused to answer. He said: “I can’t really address specifically a student discipline issue in regard to a particular student. I will tell you that we have a code of conduct here at McCulloch Middle School that we expect all of our students to measure up to. We’re talking about a violation of that code of conduct.”

Well if Bush can have secret courts then I guess Principal Moron can have secret rules.

If you feel inclined to protest his refusal to answer why students are suspended you can write Principle Moron at The photo of the bald guy with the goofy look on his face is Shaffer the terminator.