Thursday, December 14, 2006

Media lies or lies about the media?

The odious David Duke claims on his Jew-hating web site that he has proof that the “Zionist-influence media” lies. He writes: “It is being reported around the world that in my speech in Tehran that I stated that the ‘gas chambers did not exist.’” He says, “I said no such thing!.” And then to prove he never said it he offers his readers a link to his speech.

But the issue is whether the media, Zionist or not, reported this claim. I had read around a dozen or so different accounts of the Iranian conference and none I saw included this quote. Since Duke never links to a source for his claim I went to Google news to see what I could find.

The Scotsman mentioned Duke but attributed this belief to Fredrick Toeben not Duke. This New York Times article says that Robert Faurisson “devoted his life to trying that the Nazi gas chambers were a myth.” It mentions Duke was there but did not attribute such a comment to him.

I went through numerous clippings and found no such attribution. I searched on Google with Duke’s name and the quote and while I find articles with Duke’s name mentioned the quote was not attributed to him.

See The Australian News, the London Times and the European Jewish Press.

Now if the European Jewish Press did not attribute this quote to Duke then which Zionist-influence media did he have in mind? Now of course most Duke’s readers will focus on his speech and see (I assume) that he didn’t make this comment. Thus they will conclude Duke has again prove the lies of the “Zionist influenced media” but really the starting point is finding out who made this claim.

If no such quote was attributed to Duke then his whole comment is a fraud. Only if we are given sources for this claim do we then need to turn to Duke’s speech for evidence. I suspect his goal was to merely get people to read what is no doubt an anti-Jewish tirade. Mr. Duke has not provided any links to any media which attributes this statement to him. My search of major news publications does not turn up such an attribution yet he says media “around the world” is making this claim.

Here is a challenge. Since media around the world is doing this I would assume that it would be possible to produce ten major publications who have attributed this comment directly to Duke. Duke didn’t link to even one.

Duke likes to say he has earned a Ph.D. Apparently his Ph.D is from the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management in the Ukraine. This private institution supposedly receives lots of Arab funding and is heavily involved in anti-Semitic activities in the Ukraine. Before Duke “earned” his degree there (I didn’t know he spoke Ukrainian) he participated in an anti-Jewish program (not pogram, that’s later) there. Ukraine President Viktor Yushchenko issued a statement on the the institution calling them “an institution that systematically publishes anti-Semitic articles”. His “thesis” was an anti-Jewish manuscript which I suspect is very similar to his book on the same topic. There is an old saying that Ph.D. means “piled high and deeper”. In this case it wouldn’t be far off the truth.

The photo is Mr. Duke is one of his older uniforms. He supposedly had a shine to Nazi uniforms as well.