Thursday, February 01, 2007

A clear case of rigging the ballot box.

New Zealand’s Dominion Post newspaper was conducting an online survey. It was one of those useless surveys where anyone can vote and one could vote several times over if so inclined. It has no value except symbolically.

And it was asking if National Party leader John Key or Helen Clark, the Labour Party leader and prime ministers, was likely to lead the nation. Key has one virtue -- he’s not Helen Clark. But that is his only virtue. He lacks principles to speak of and is basically presenting himself as Labour-lite. He was conniving back stabbed who weaselled his way into party leadership with the help of the smearbund in the Labour Party.

But he’s not Clark and that counts for a lot since Labour has become more openly dishonest and corrupt as it clings to power by the skin of its teeth. And the online survey had Key pegged to be the next prime minister.

Word got out to the career bureaucrats in the Labour offices in parliament. And suddenly votes started coming in to the survey at incredible rates. And almost all of them were mysteriously pro-Labour. All in all around 33,000 votes were tabulated. But an incredible 17,104 voters were cast from parliament.

Apparently the Labour bureaucrats have nothing better to do at work than rig unscientific polls to make their Great Leader look good. Labour has only around 60 members of parliament. If each one had five staff members that would be 300 employees. Each employee would have to had voted around 50 times.

In truth what probably happened is that someone in Labour is computer savvy and rigged some automatic voting to make them look good. However, if there is someone that savvy in Labour I suggest the media speak to him. Not long ago someone got into the computers of former National Party leader Don Brash, a decent and good man far superior to Key, and copies all his e-mail correspondence which was then leaked to a hack Left-wing scandalmonger who made money distorting the contents. Perhaps the same Labour serf who rigged the poll also hacked the computers of Don Brash.

It should be noted that only 80% of the rigged votes from parliament went to Labour leaving 20% to go to National. That would be about 3,400 rigged National votes. (Apparently no one in parliament actually works.) Again this is far in excess of the number of National staff members.

The best we can say is that both National and Labour are willing to cheat but Labour cheats on a bigger scale.

In addition to the anonymous staff at Parliament rigging the survey at least one labor union sent out e-mails to people soliciting votes for Labour as well.

You really have to be rather desperate to rig a survey like this!