Friday, February 23, 2007

Egyptian govt. proves it is uncivilized.

Egypt has confirmed for the world that it is not a civilized country. Kareem Amer, 23 has been sentenced to four years in prison for his blog which has criticized the uncivilized actions of the Egyptian government.

Karrem was thrown out of university because he criticized Islamic teaching and promoted a liberal view of the world. Other bloggers have been detained by Egypt’s thuggish police, who have been implicated in cruelty and torture incidents. But this is the first time a blogger has been sentenced to prison.

Information on Kareem’s case can be found here.

Protests were held around the world over the trial. In the United States I suggest that people write their elected officials and demand the end of all foreign aid to the Egyptian government. To imprison a young man for his blog writings is barbaric. Egypt should not be receiving a single cent from American taxpayers. It is a barbaric regime and tyrannical and this case is the proof. I also suggest people avoid visiting Egypt if at all possible. Decent people are not safe in Egypt as long as tyrants rules. I also urge bloggers to immediately post a message denouncing the authoritarian nature of the Egyptian government and calling for the end of all aid to Egypt from their nation and from various world bodies. If Egypt wishes to act like a dictatorship it should be treated like one.

One reason that governments attempt such measures is to stifle criticism and dissent. They must learn that dissent is a Hydra. Each time a head is cut off another or several grows in its place. Attempts by Islamist Nazis to ban cartoons they found unappealing resulted in more people seeing those cartoons. Each attempt to stifle freedom of speech must result in the same thing. Let the tyrants learn that they only spread the message further through their actions. I hope that hundreds and thousands of blogs, a medium that depends upon freedom for its very existence, will denouce the Egyptian government so that they learn that this action only spread Kareem's criticism further than he ever dream possible.

Kareem was sentence to prison for criticizing Islam and Egyptian President Hosny Mubarak. If this is what Mubarak's government does to critics then Mubarek is a dog and a pig. In fact to call him such would be to insults dogs and pigs the world over. Murbarak proves he deserves to be insulted. People have tried to be respectful to the Egyptian government and they ignored decency because they themselves are indecent. I think bloggers should not only denounce the Egyptian government but make sure they add an insult to Mubarek to the pot to let him know that this is what happens when one acts like Hitler, Stalin, Mao or Castro.

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