Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Just a quick question?

I try to understand the environmental panic types. I really do. I understand that they say that we are going to go into massive global warming due to burning fossile fuels for the next couple of hundred years. I understand that is what they are saying.

I also understand their theory of peak oil. We are running out of oil The way some of them talk we could be out by Thursday, 3:17 pm, Greenwich Mean Time. And they tell us we should be worried about that.

Here is my question. If we are going to run out of oil in the next couple of decades as so many of them believe then precisely what fossile fuels will we be burning in our cars to bring about global destruction via warming? Or do we burn oil for hundreds of years when they say the supply is much more limited than that? Is it some sort of global Hanukkah miracle?