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Coulter's "magnificent" Jew-hating friend.

Imagine you are an author of some note, not necessarily a good author, but at least well known. You have a new manuscript which you finished which you know will be attacked as a screed of hate. To whom would you send it for advice? Would you go to someone even more notorious for their public hate? Would you send it, for instance, to someone who has publicly attacked Jews and hung around Nazi sympathizers? Let’s say you knew such a person and for some reason you thought they were a valuable advisor for your manuscript, would you praise them in the book by name? Ann Coulter would.

After my column regarding the Screech I picked up a copy of her vile work Godless. I needed an appetite suppressant (ever wonder why she was so skeletal -- she reads what she writes every day). I was flipping through the book when I cam across the “Acknowledgements” which Coulter pays to her “long-suffering, magnificent friends”. These are the people she sent chapters to for their input. She says they “helped” her with the writing process. Those are important people to an author. And one of those people was Joe Sobran. (Godless by Ann Coulter, Crown Forum, page 303.)

I suspect this is the same Joe Sobran who used to a writer for National Review and is well known in conservative circles. That would make sense. But Sobran was well known for his anti-Jewish obsessions. Surely someone who prides herself on her ability to “research” the facts would have known she was working with a friend to Nazis. After all Sobran was fired from National Review because of his anti-Semitism. It wasn’t a secret. And Sobran hasn’t tried to hide his anti-jewish obsession by any means.

He was the keynote speaker to a conference of Holocaust revisionists -- people who say there was no intentional gassing of Jews by the Nazis and that this is a propaganda campaign by Zionists in their campaign to take over the world. This group, the Institute for Historical Review runs a publishing house called Noontide Press. And it prints and sells openly pro-Nazi books. What they have in print varies from month to month but here are some of the titles they current sell:
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are, of course, standard fair for any budding Nazi. And when you finish with that you can read The International Jew attributed to Henry Ford but written by others as his bequest.

You can buy The Palestine Plot which they promise is a “penetrating overview of the Jewish-Zionist conspiracy to gain world power...”

Another popular title listed is Bolshevism From Moses to Lenin: A Dialog Between Adolf Hitler and Me which promises to be a “penetrating look at the role of the Jews in world history, from Biblical times to the 20th century, by the poet and playwright to whom Hitler dedicated Mein Kampf.

Of course there is much more on racial supremacy of whites and standard extremist tracts. But when you want to move on to the more serious material it is there as well. You can get a DVD of the Furher himself giving an “exciting address” which “conveys Hitler’s fervent and yet reasoned speaking style”. As a bonus it promises a “defiant, humorous introduction by Joseph Goebbels, and a thrilling description by Goebbels to radio listeners that captures the enthusiastic spirit and mood of this giant rally.” Gee, doesn’t it just make you all warm and fuzzy. You might want to order it along with your own copy of Mein Kampf in hardback for just $20.00.

And right in this mixture is a DVD they sell of Joseph Sobran speaking to these Nazis, white supremacists and others. Sobran’s talk was For Fear of the Jews. They quote Sobran as praising the revisionists and have him saying, regarding Jews: “If they can’t tell the truth about ‘Holocaust deniers,’ how can they tell he truth about ‘the Holocaust’ itself?”

So maybe Sobran was just stupid. Or maybe he harbors such sentiments himself. We can read what he writes about Jews. He says Jews, who he calls The Tribe, take evil positions on issues but what is interesting is not that they are merely “wrong, but that they are anti-Christian” and that they intentionally do so. He writes,”the Tribe adopts certain social attitudes and political positions even though these are repugnant to most Christians. It adopts them chiefly because they are repugnant to Christians.”

Yes, people have often hated Jews but Sobran informs us they deserve it. He writes:

“Enough already. It’s time to face the possibility that Jewish problems are sometimes due to Jewish attitudes and Jewish behavior. My father once remarked to me that the Jews are disliked everywhere they go because of “their crooked ways.” Though, as I later learned, Dad had been an altar boy, he said nothing about Christ-killing; he’d long since left the Church and he didn’t particularly care who had killed Christ. As a matter of fact, he didn’t particularly dislike Jews; but he did think it was their ethics, not their biblical record, that had earned them their low reputation.”

“The popular verb jew would seem to bear him out. So do countless ethnic jokes about Jewish sharp dealing and devious conduct. So, in fact, do Talmudic passages authorizing Jews to relieve gentiles of their property, if they can do it without incurring anger against Jews in general. These are the sorts of things that actually irritate (and sometimes amuse) non-Jews. Has anyone ever heard a joke about Jews killing Christ?”

“The Tribe’s obloquy long predates the Third Reich’s propaganda. Government libel campaigns, a feature of the modern world of mass communication, rarely succeed for long; even popular myths die out over time. But a durable reputation, lasting over many centuries, is hard to account for unless it contains some truth confirmed by experience. Few Christians have said that the Jews killed Christ; they have always said that the Jews rejected Christ, as indeed Jews still do. The Tribe itself makes rejecting Christ a defining feature of Jewishness, even more than adhering to Judaism.”

This is a man that Coulter calls “magnificent”. Gee, had she been born a little sooner she could have had “magnificent friends” like Joseph Goebbels and Julius Streicher. Sobran was fired years ago from National Review because of his Jew hating. His involvement with the neo-Nazis started ten years ago. His essay on The Jewish Faction which exposes the way “the Tribe” operates was published in 2004. Ann Coulter sought out his advice and help after all these things were public knowledge. And then she calls him a “magnificent” friend in a book she published only last year. She did more than that in fact. She wrote an introduction to one of Sobran's books herself. And she did so after his anti-Jewish views were public knowledge. If Hillary Clinton had a friend this closely linked to the Communist Party you could bet Coulter would be squealing at the top of her lungs.

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