Wednesday, March 28, 2007

How rich is this?

So we have Monica Goodling, an aide to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales refusing to testify before Congress by invoking her Fifth Amendment rights. Interesting. A Fifth Amendment right is the right to not testify against oneself. But was Goodling accused of committing a criminal act? Or is she just covering up for her superior, Gonzales and the Torturer-in-Chief who besmirches the Oval Office by his presence?

What really caused me to gag was when Gonzales bullshitted with rhetoric like this: “At the end of the day, it’s not about Alberto Gonzales. It’s about this great Department of Justice that does so many wonderful things for the American people.” What an excretion that line is. Here is a department that has betrayed the deepest held American values and this man expects people to believe that they have done “so many wonderful things for the American people.”Alberto is the modern day Torquemada. He apparently forgot Padilla is one of the American people. With the justification of Gonzales, Padilla was arrested and held without charges being filed, without access to legal council, and tortured.

We have the disgusting display of an American citizen who has been mentally destroyed by the tyrants who occupy the White House and the Justice Department. Yea, Alberto, that is one of the wonderful things you have accomplished.

Now I have my doubt that Ms. Goodling is guilty of a crime. But what I find interesting is that this employee of Gonzales is invoking Constitutional rights (wrongly in this case I think) to protect her boss. This is a right which the torturers deny others. So maybe Congress ought to take Ms. Goodling and hood her (like her boss has done to the people he has tortured). They can deny her attorney access to her, they don’t have to file charges against her. And then they can take her somewhere outside the United States where they torture her until she tells them what they want to hear -- it doesn’t really matter if it’s true or not. Torture is about hearing what you want not what is true.

In other words why exactly doesn’t Congress act just like Gonzales and Bush? I’m thankful they don’t. But if they did then what would the mental midget in the White House and Torquemada have to say in reply? What could they say? They justified this sort of action. I suspect they would argue the Bushian invention of the Imperial Presidency, the idea that the Executive Branch has superiority over all other branches of government. Instead of being the coequal of the other branches as the Constitution establishes.

Rarely has a president so overstepped Constitutional boundaries as this one has done. That the Democrats won’t impeach is shameful but perhaps politically understandable --- after all they don’t really have principles they merely want power for themselves. But impeachment would be only a small step in the right direction. If anything Mr. Bush and Mr. Gonzales both deserve ought to be on trial for treason to the Constitution. That will never happen of course. If you start throwing around indictments for betraying Constitutional limitations you couldn’t find enough Congressman to form a jury.

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