Friday, May 04, 2007

It could be just days now. Stunning defeat for Blair

Watch British politics carefully over the next few days. One bit of good news is that it appears to be just a matter of days before the vile Tony Blair retires. Here is a man who acted as a toady to the lying George Bush and who has worked hard and long at turning England into a fascist state.

Blair's party wants him to go. The British people want him to go. Blair is doing to the Labour Party what Bush has done to the Republican Party -- destroy support for it. In local council races the Labour Party is bleeding support. With about a third of the council elections called Labour has lost over 100 seats while the Conservative Party has gained almost 200 seats. The Conservatives should gain at least 400 seats. Too bad they don't stand for anything anymore.

UPDATE: Eleciton results are coming in very slowly from the UK but there is little good news for the Blairites. with not quite half the councils reporting the Tories have pick up 378 seats while Labor has lost 181, the Liberal Democrats have lost 134 seats. Tories now contol 73 local councils compared to Labour's 19 and the Lib Dems have 11. In the Scottish Parliament the Labour Party has been the force but that appears to be over. Of the seats so far decided they have 32 seats versus the Scottish National Party with 30 seats, Lib Dems with 12 and Tories with 7. A further 47 seats are up for grab so it is possible for Labour to remain the major party but looking unlikely they will hold a majority. Labour will remain the major party but will lose their majority in the Welsh Assembly. In vote percentage terms Labour is almost tied with the third place Liberal Democrats, 27% to 26%, while the Tories seem to have 41%.

FINAL UPDATE: It couldn't have been much worse for Tony Blair. The more election results that come in the worse the news for the man who played lap dog to George Bush. Let us start with the local council elections which are a strong indicator of what voters are thinking. Labour has lost 485 seats across the country, with 9 localities still outstanding. The Tories were hoping to gain 600 to 700 seats and garned an addition 875 seats. They now control 160 local councils compared to Labour's pathetic 33. And Labour is lucky, they control 33 councils while the Lib Dems control 22 since the Lib Dems have 2114 councillors compared to Labour's pathic third place showing of 1803.

In the Scotish Parliament Labour has lost its dominant position to the Scottish National Party. The SNP has 47 seats to Labours 46 while the Tories have 17 and the Lib Dems hav 16 with 3 others. Since no one is anxious to be saddled with Labour as a partner they will be in the opposition there. In the Assembly in Wales Labour is still the dominant force but lacks a majority. It has 26 seats out of 60. In percentage terms this is the worst Labour result in Wales since the First World War.

How many more days will go by before Blair concedes he is one of the most unpopular Prime Ministers in British history and resign his position?

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