Saturday, June 23, 2007

School will suspend students who shake hands.

Government schools are disaster zones, at least for the kids. The problem is that you have a school controlled by politicians and run by trade unions. Since the teacher’s union is rich and powerful they can shower lots of money on bad politicians. The result is a school system that puts the interests of the union, teachers and politicians ahead of the interests of the kids.

There are many teachers who are decent, smart people who really want to teach. Many are dullards barely ahead of the kids they teach. I realized this when I was around 10 years old and the teachers went on strike. Of course the kids loved it since it closed the school. So a bunch of went down there to support them, not because we cared or understood what it was about, but because we liked having the day off. When I got there I was shocked to see how many of the picket signs had words that were misspelled. And since then my opinion has dropped.

I have covered the idiotocracy that runs the schools before. We had 10-year-old Aaron Pereze thrown out of school because he asked a teacher for a hug. Zero tolerance for sexual harassment is what they call it. In another case a four-year-old “pre kindergartener” was getting on a bus that was to take him home. He hugged the teacher good bye and when he did so he briefly came in contact with her chest. It would be hard to hug a woman and not have that happen. He was reprimanded and the school sent home a letter complaining about “inappropriate physical behavior interpreted as sexual contact and/or sexual harassment.”

We have schools officially teaching “chastity” these days and kids being chucked out for hugging someone. This anti sexual hysteria is fueled by both the Religious Right and the fanatical feminist Left. Both hold similar views on the matter and want “zero tolerance” of sin.

Now there is the case of Hal Beaulieu. He was at the Kilmer Middle School in Vienna, Virginia having lunch in the cafeteria. He finished eating and sat down next to a girl he is seeing. He put his arm around her shoulder. He didn’t grope her, fondle her, molest her. They weren’t making out or fornicating. He put his hand on her shoulder.

He was sent to the school office and reprimanded for violating one of the hardcore rules the school has established. No student in the school is allowed to touch any other human being in any matter whatsoever.

You have to understand how absolute this rule is. A student meeting someone is not allowed to shake hands. No “high fives”, no hand holding. Nothing.

And the moronic principal, Deborah Hernandez says it has to remain this way. Her problem is that she allows touching of any kind she simply doesn’t know where to draw the line. She’s not smart enough to figure out the difference between a handshake and molestation. “You get into shades of gray. The kids say, ‘If he can high-five, then I can do this.’” And handshakes, she says, can be secret gang signs. (You all heard about those gangs running wild in Vienna, Virginia especially at the middle school level.)

She claims that normally dirty looks from teachers is sufficient to stop anyone from touching anyone. But repeat “offenders” will get in trouble.” You have to have an absolute rule with students,” she says. Yes, mein Führer!

The boy’s parents are upset. They say that they encourage hugging and that they have taught their son it is polite to shake hands when meeting someone. Obviously they don’t know how evil physical contact really is.

And to be fair, Hal did break two rules. Students have strictly assigned seats and he left his when he finished eating and sat in a seat not assigned to him. One more serious infraction like that and Hernandez will kick his sorry butt out of school or put him in detention.

Deborah Hernandez, congratulations. You are our moron of the week.

Photo: The children in this photo could be put on detention for doing this if they went to Kilmer Middle School. Lucky for them they don’t.