Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Al Gore III arrested on drug charges.

Al Gore III has been arrested on drug charges. Police pulled him over at he was allegedly clocked driving at 100 mph. A sheriff’s deputy says that the car smelled of marijuana and when police searched the vehicle they found a mini pharmacy with Xanax, Vallium, Vicodin and Adderall. Police say there is no evidence that Gore had prescriptions for any of them. Gore has been arrested before on pot charges and supposedly underwent substance abuse therapy.

That’s the news. Here are the comments. First, if Al Gore were my father I’d be looking for pharmaceutical relief as well. Doomsday is rather depressing. That point aside will justice be service if Gore III is incarcerated for his supposed inclination to obliterate reality, partially or fully, with chemical help?

NO! Some people delude themselves with various tablets, something they smoke or swallow. Others do it with their faith. Either way they alter the way they perceive reality. And unless they directly harm someone else it ought not be the law’s business.

It ought to be the business of Gore’s family. His father should be concerned not the state. But daddy Gore has long seen the state as a substitute father. That is the problem with Nanny statism. The government becomes our supreme parents and we all get demoted to the level of children.

If Gore III has drug problems, and I don’t know if he does or not, it does not pick my pocket nor break my leg. He has stolen nothing from me nor has he reduced my rights in any way. Driving under the influence is no different than driving under the influence of alcohol and should be treated the same. Reports I read did not indicate his driving skills were in question just that he was speeding.

Turning this man into a criminal does nothing to help him. Nor does it do anything to solve the issues that may drive him to act in the way he does. If anything such police involvement can only make his life worse.

It has long been time to repeal the utopian Nannyism of drug prohibition.

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