Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Baptist morals campaigner arrested on prostitution charges.

Here we go again. It is almost unending when we deal with these fundamentalists and their sanctimonious, hypocrtical attitude toward family values and human sexuality. One after another after another their own dirty secrets come out in the laundry

Rev. Coy Privette is a fundamentalist minister, though retired now at the age of 74. he is the former head of the State Baptist Convention of North Carolina and has served ont he excutive committee and the board of directors of the Baptist convention as well. Like a good theocrate he is a former member of the state legislature as well. And he was president of the Christian Action League. Of course he was a Republican. And he is pastor emeritus of the North Kannapolis Baptist Church.

The Right-wing fundamentalist site, Renew America, previously wrote that “Privette is both a powerful preacher and an astute politicians.”

The Christian Action League follows the usual Right-wing fundamentalist line. They have articles on why gays must never marry, why they shouldn’t be allowed to adopt, or even have civil unions. They argue that “Prohibition was quite successful.” They want high taxes on sinful things like smoking. They want to ban adult erotica and abortion. In other words the typical mix of fundamentalist morality issues that they have been pushing since forever. They claim their goal is to “discourage the promotion and use of beverage alcohol and other drugs, pornography, sexual immorality and other sinful practices.” Gee, wouldn’t you love them as neighbors?

As a legislator Rev. Privette pushed through laws to crack down on erotica and prostitution. And he’s recently been active in the campaign to make English “the official language” in his new job as county commissioner.

So you have a good idea of what Rev. Privette and his group are like. And now Rev. Privette has stepped down as the president of the Christian Action League. It seems Rev. Privette was arrested and charged for frequenting a prostitute. And no doubt, some of his fellow Southerners will be perturbed to discover that the prostitute was also black. They should look on the bright side -- at least the prostitute was a woman and of age! That's progress.

Privette paid for the sex with a blank check. Not really bright is he? But we already knew that. When the woman went to cash the check the bank was suspicious and called Privette who then claimed it was a forgery. But a police investigation of the “forgery” case turned up other facts. Apparently Rev. Privette had been visiting Tiffany Summers, 32, for sex. At least six times he visited her and the check was for services rendered.

Rev. Mark Creech, who authored the praise of Privette on the Renew America site, sayd he doesn’t think this arrest will hinder their effort to get the state legislature to pass proper moral laws.

For video on the case go here.

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