Monday, July 09, 2007

Fails law exam demand millions in compensation.

Stephen Dunne is a failure. And like so many other failures he searches out someone to blame for his own inadequacies. Dunne failed the Bar exam. One reason that he failed, but only one, is that he refused to answer one of the questions.

It appears that Mr. Dunne is a very conservative type and says he’s a Christian and he refused to answer one question on the exam about Massachusetts law because he’s offended by the law! Dunne believes that homosexuals are immoral. Massachusetts allows gay people to marry. Dunne hates that.

So when the bar exam contained a question about property rights for gay couples he decided the question was part of a plot to exclude “applicants according to their political ideology”. Now most people understand that a lawyer needs to understand the law not necessarily endorse the law. But with the bigoted mind such rationality is hard to come by.

Dunne had a failing score but contends that the reason he failed was because of his stand for God, country, morality, mom and apple pie and good old fashioned dislike for gays. He thinks that answering the question would be to “accept, support and promote homosexual marriage & homosexual parenting”. Asking the question itself “manifests a callous and mean-spirited disregard” for Dunne’s constitutional rights. And like most whiners he grossly exaggerates the “harm” that he did to himself. He wants $9.75 million in damages for failing the bar. He wants to be given a passing grade and he wants the question banned from the test in the future.

Of course failure of the exam did not hinge on that question and that question alone. Dunne failed the test because he answered wrongly, or inadequately, a series of questions.

Obviously if lawyers can refuse to know the law because of their religious views then they are useless as lawyers. Dunne says he can’t answer the question as a Christian but precisely where in the Bible (Old or New Testament) does it state “Thou shalt not answer law exam questions about lesbian couples”? I know of no church or denomination that has forbidden taking law exam questions on the property rights of lesbian couples. But religious views are very flexible to say the least. And if Dunne prevails, which given the screwed up thinking of some politicians is not entirely impossible then any time someone finds them self unable to answer a question they can claim a divine revelation forbidding them to answer.

The net result of that would be more lots more lawyers.