Monday, September 10, 2007

Slow cop eats salty burger arrests cook.

Kendra Bull worked at a McDonalds, maybe not anymore. A police officer, Wendell Adams, said his burger was too salty and she was responsible. So he arrested her. Welcome to Union City, Georgia.

Let’s start with the fact that Office Adams is a parasite, literally. He went to the McDonalds because he got his meals free. I question the ethics of this McDonalds, as well as that of Officer Adams, in this “free” meal game. Depending on how often the policeman visits this restaurant he could receive several hundred dollars worth of services in the course of a year. Police officers should not be receiving payments, in cash or in kind, directly from the public. It is dishonest.

The story is that Bull accidentally put too much salt on a burger and tried to remove most of it. The salty burger went to the officer. Apparently there is a massive time delay between the officer’s taste buds and his brain. He allegedly took several bites of the overly salty burger and claims he became ill as a result. Not only this but the poor, terrified officer called for backup to arrest Bull. Three officers came in and grabbed her.

Gee, I usually catch on a lot quicker than that. I’m glad to see the mentally handicapped are being mainstreamed but I’m not sure the police force is the best job for them.

Bull says the officer went through the drive through and she can’t see the drive through window from her work station so she didn’t know who it was that received the burger. She also says she ate one of the burgers that got over salted herself and she didn’t get sick. Maybe she isn’t as fragile as the Officer.

The wilting flowers in the Union City police force, feeling threatened in their campaign to get free food out of the people who already pay their salaries, took the case seriously. They arrested Bull and she spent the night in jail. The bright sparks in the police department even photographed the burger -- as if the photo would show it was too salty or explain why the police officer took several bites before figuring out that it was too salty. Hey, I’ve taken food back in McDonalds and it doesn’t take me long to figure it out -- but then I’m not a cop.

I think it time that Union City institute some reforms. One is that they ought to ban officers from receiving free services or products from the public -- that smacks too close to corruption. Second, any police officer who is too slow to figure out that a burger is too salty, after the few several bites, ought to be dismissed from the force. If the brain cells are triggering that slowly this is not someone who should be handed a gun, a license to shoot people, and sent out into the public. They are a danger to themselves and everyone else. I would also suggest McDonalds institute a policy forbidding franchise outlets from giving food to public officials.