Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hoedown Huckabee: The style and the class.

Oh vey! Here was the Christmas card sent out by Mike "I love big government" Huckabee when he was the governor in Arkansas. Apparently Mr. Huckabee's fashion sense is as finely tuned as his understanding of personal liberty. I'm almost tempted to vote for the man just for the pure entertainment value of having him and his in the White House.

What is horrifyingly funny is that Huckabee thought this was presenting his family at their best -- after all this was the Christmas card he sent out as governor. You have the wife who appears to be chocking the family dog while the governor is holding the dog's paw. I guess the dog had the sense to want to flee this photo and had to be physically restrained. Would be the Huckabees were as smart as the dog. Even by Arkansas standards this has to be pretty bad.

But what family dresses the same? This looks like the uniforms at some cut rate Arkansas department store. And those stripes! Really, if you have more girth than mirth you don't go with stripes. And if the stripes aren't bad enough how about the elbow patches!

I don't think we've had this much fun since Jimmy Carter. The old peanut farmer brought us his loony brother with his "Billy Beer". Of course we had his mother, Miss Lillian who is famed for saying: "Sometimes when I look at my four children, I say to myself, Lillian, you should have stayed a virgin." And who can forget the wacky sister faith-healing evangelist, Ruth Carter Stapleton, who suggested that she could turn gays straight by getting them to imagine playing baseball with Jesus.

Huckabee would be amusing. But he's about as close to fascism as one can get in American politics these days. He's pro-war, anti-civil liberties, and thinks the federal government is best at planning the economy. Add into this wacky fundamentalist outlook and his prejudicial attitudes and you have a man who actually (and I never thought I'd say this) has the potential of being far worse than Bush. And by all indications he may actually be more brain dead as well.