Friday, February 15, 2008

Once again gun free zones lead to killings.

Sadly I must report that the gun-free zone initiatives have once again taken their toll with a mass shooting at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois. As a native of the state this is a bit disturbing. It has been confirmed that an armed man entered a lecture hall and started shooting. As of the last reports five students were killed and the gunman then inflicted justice on himself by taking his own life. Pity he didn’t start there.

Northern Illinois University is basically a gun-free zone. The policy on campus states: “Students who wish to bring firearms to the campus must obtain written permission from the chief security officer of the university. Firearms must be stored at the University Security Office except with written permission of the chief security officers of the university. At no time will any of the above dangerous weapons be allowed in the university residence halls.”

I guess this means the killer must have had written permission! Otherwise he was breaking the code of conduct for the university. Apparently that didn’t worry him. He could count on most students obeying the conduct code and thus was assured that the chances of any of his victims being able to resist was minimal. Once again the gun-free zone mentality painted targets on the backs of students.

This blog has documented how gun-free zones are magnets for deranged lunatics who realize that these zones allow them to find unarmed victims, in large quantities, in a confined location. It is perfect hunting territory for some loser intent on killing lots of people.

We have also documented numerous cases where gunmen unexpectedly faced armed resistance at schools or other areas. In these cases the shootings ended quickly with no, or few, casualties. When gunmen meet armed resistance their ability to slaughter people drops dramatically.

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