Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Gore bore. Snore!

Folks, I’ve got bad news. Grab your vomit bags. Al Gore is going to make a sequel to his propaganda film An Inconvenient Truth. Filled with lies, exaggerations and plain old bullshit Gore’s first film was popular with the chic “we-need-a-cause” Hollywood crowd and environmental panic mongers. More importantly it made Mr. Gore millions. Fear has been very, very good to Al.

Gore knows his bread is buttered by environmental hysteria so he will give us another does of his “end is nigh” message. Hell, it costs a lot of money to heat his mansion. So St. Al will be back and he won’t change his tune. He made too much money the first time.

Gore says that the little people may do little things to “save the planet” but it won’t be enough. We need big action -- the sort of action that only really big government can provide. Changing lifestyles is not going to work. Only state control will work. “I believe that while it’s important to change light bulbs, it’s far more important to change laws.” He said that only more laws “will ultimately solve this problem.”

The average person, he says, doesn’t take his fear message seriously. Too many people don’t fear climate change because they “think, ‘It it’s never happened before maybe it won’t every happen in the future. That’s a rule that can work but the exceptions can kill you. And global warming is one of the exceptions.”

If you read that carefully you can see Gore is saying that the world has never before experience global warming or climate change. It has. Numerous times. If anything we have experienced almost perpetual climate change. The globe has warmed and cooled and warmed again. Our current period of global warming goes back to the end of the Little Ice Age. Gore is trying to make it sound as if this has NEVER happened before.

Lest you think he gave up his hysterical comments note that he said there are “exceptions [which] can kill you”. And “global warming” is one of them. Gore’s message is that global warming will kill “you”.

Gore tossed about some of his typical exaggerated bullshit: “The entire North Polar ice cap is melting....” he told the paper. Any lie will do when it comes to his panic campaign. Not only is the North Pole supposedly melting but Gore says it could vanish any day now. “If you had told me a few years ago that we would be facing a situation where the entire North Polar ice cap was going to imminently disappear, I might have thought we’d certainly get people’s attention, and yet only to a limited degree.” Got that? Gore says the entire North Pole is going to disappear “imminently”. That means “impending” or “at any moment”. We aren’t talking about in a 100 years. We are talking about in the next few years. That is pure bullshit.

In a recent interview, where this information is found, Gore was asked about some of the Hollywood celebrities who have massive “carbon footprints”. Al is now part of the celebrity set with their lavish lifestyles so this hits close to home. He was asked if the “gas-guzling lifestyles” of his celebrity crowd should be reigned in. The interviewer says that with comment, “Mr. Gore shifts uncomfortably in his seat.” Gore was told that David Beckam, individually, is supposed to have the worse “carbon footprint” in history and then asked what he would say to Beckam about his lifestyle.

Gore’s answer is rather incredible. When it comes to the celebrities types he hobnobs with, he says: “I don’t think that’s my place. I don’t want to get into personally criticizing anyone.” SWith the elite it is not Gore’s place to say anything. But when it comes to common people “there ought to be a law” and Gore knows what kinds of laws. He can’t criticize David Beckam but he has no hesitation to regulate you!

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