Saturday, May 03, 2008

Two more reasons voters hate Labour.

If you want some indication as to why England’s Labour Party is held in such contempt consider this move on their part. The Labour government is proposing new regulations that will make it illegal for parents to teach their children how to drive.

Under the new proposals only government-approved instructors will be permitted to teach driving skills to new drivers. These state licensed monopolists earn a starting salary of $40 per hour for their work.

In another recent move the Labour government quietly rewrote the regulations establishing how vehicle taxes are calculated. The net result was 1.2 million car owners, mainly those in lower income groups, would see their car taxes substantially increase.

The excuse, of course, is global warming, and the government went after older cars because the emit more C02 into the atmosphere. Of course, one reason people drive older cars is because they can’t afford new ones. The result would be a doubling in taxes for poorer drives. Many of the vehicles would now carry a tax that is just shy of $1,000 per year.

Previously cars purchased before 2006 couldn’t be taxes at more than $420 per year but the new regulations would allow taxes of up to $960 per year. A spokesman for the Automobile Association says the new regulations are “penalising hard-pressed families who have been running the same car for many years.”

I suggest that one reason the government-owned BBC literally floods television views with apocalyptic “commercials” touting the dangers of global warming is to soften them up for moves like this one. Over the last two years I spent about nine months in the UK, and even when I wasn’t there, I watched UK television via my computer. It seemed like every commercial segment has at least one “public service” announcement on the topic. And it seems like tax increase after tax increase is justified on “save the planet” slogans.

The sad reality is that politicians are slime. Any issue, legitimate or not, is used by them to always justify an expansion of their powers and the revenue they take from the pockets of the public. The basic rules seems to be: if they scare you to death, they can tax you to death.