Thursday, May 01, 2008

If you thought the Libertarians had a problem....

If such people like Bob Barr and Wayne Allan Root are bringing their conservative thinking in to infect the Libertarian Party imagine what kind of people are being attracted to the Republican Party.

While the picture of Bob Barr addressing the racists Council of Conservative Citizens (aka White Citizens Council) was disturbing the photo of Republican Tony Zirkle is even more shocking.

That’s Mr. Zirkle standing in front of a painting of Adolph Hitler, note the Nazi flags in the background. The meeting Mr. Zirkle was addressing was called to celebrate Hitler’s 119th birthday.

Zirkle’s speech was about the horrors of porn, a fairly typical Theopublican whine but with his own touch of bigotry. Had Zirkle just attacked gays he’d be mainstream GOP material. But as the hosts of his speech said: “Tony [apparently they are on a first name basis with him] came and gave a speech about pornography and the Jews’ role in it...”

Zirkle claimed that originally the original male stars of erotica were Jews but that now most of them are black while the females are “young, white Christian women”. Zirkle contends that there is a Zionist movement which turns white women into sex slaves! The Nazi hosts for Zirkle hosts claim:

“The Jews control prostitution and pornography, and the same Jews who create adult porn also create child porn and snuff porn, kidnapping women from Eastern European countries, torturing them, sometimes to death, beating them into sexual slavery, and holding them in areas, such as Zionist Occupied Palestine, that are tolerant of sexual slavery and abuse. The Jews do this because of a deep racial hatred for white people, and particularly for white women, and they cover it up on the mainstream television and the mainstream papers because of their vast money and media influence.”

When the media asked Zirkle about his speech to the swastika wearing crowd he said that he “didn’t know enough” about the group to say whether he supported it or not. Gee, Bob Barr had a similar, “I didn’t know” excuse for the white supremacists he addressed. Zirkle, of course, ignored the Nazi armbands, Nazi flags and large portrait of Hitler peering over his shoulder. And no doubt it is just a coincidence that Zirkle spent his time “exposing” the Jewish plot to make young, white Christian women into sex slaves. (Cue: Mel Gibson.)

Another explanation by Zirkle is that he was there “trying to present Jesus to a group the media claims is filled with hate.” Notice that he says that the hate of the Nazis is just a “media claim”. He whines: “The liberal media believes that evangelizing Nazis is more evil than suicide bombers, child rapists, drug dealers, murders, tortures and yes even porn-pimps.”

Tony Zirkle of course was attacking the “Zionist plot” to enslave “young, white Christian women”. That sounds like a typical rant straight from the pages of Der Sturmer. And while whining about the press coverage Zirkle then indicates he is sympathetic to Nazi viewpoints. “Maybe those national socialists have a point that WWII was really about liberalism and communism dominating the world and that it was an assault on Christian civilization.

If you think Zirkle’s obsession with Jews is weird try his obsession with sex, porn and dildos. He calls the latter “divorce aids”. He promotes a “’Derrenger’s [sic] for Dildo’s [sic]’ policy to put guns in American women’s hands instead of divorce aids.” He wants guns confiscated from criminals to be given to a woman when she “turns in her stash of divorce aids”. So a woman is supposed to swap a vibrator for a gun -- god forbid she forget about the swap and in a moment of passion grab the derringer instead. Oh, the horror! Zirkle says this program will let women “defend America when the jihadists follow us home.”

Apparently dildos, the unelected kind, are a major threat to America. “Who knows what toxic chemicals these women are inserting into the most intimate areas of their bodies and how many men chase children because they can not find comfort from an adult women.” So now dildos cause child molesting. Apparently in the mind of this Republican men rape children because women won’t have sex with men and women won’t have sex with men because they prefer dildos.

I could see why, given a choice between Zirkle and a dildo, a woman would choose a dildo. Not only will it bring more pleasure but there is a great likelihood that she can have an intelligent conversation with the plastic dildo as opposed to the Republican dildo.

It should be noted that Zirkle is seeking the GOP nomination so you can’t exactly hold the Republicans responsible for this moron and his sexual obsessions. However, we should not forget that the last time Zirkle ran, on similar issues, he got 30% of the Republican vote. In other words, one in three Republicans in that section of Indiana is happy to vote for a Nazi. Republicans could argue that their voters simply didn’t know that Zirkle was a Nazi. At best would have to contend that a third of the “base” for the party is so brain dead that they don’t have any idea what is going on. That would explain Bush.

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