Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bury it, the stench is too much.

Once again the ugliness that helped destroy the Republican Party is now rearing itself in the (formerly) Libertarian Party. Ever since the LP became a refuge for Republican Party rejects it has started to have problems with racism and war mongering.

The Louisville Courier-Journal reports that Sonny Landham, the Senate candidate for the (formerly) Libertarian Party, came out in a racist attack on all Arabs and was whining that the Bush Administration didn’t make war in enough places.

Landham said that Bush “should have bombed Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran and Afghanistan” and bragged that he “would have blown all of ‘em right back into the desert.” He also said he wanted all Arabs banned from visiting the U.S. for any purpose.

According to the newspaper the LP state chairman “distanced” himself from the remarks but to my ears it didn’t sound like much of a distancing. He is reported to have said: “There are some who are nervous about the comments. There are some who agree. Libertarians, just like Republicans and Democrats, have a variety of viewpoints.”

Yep, you got it. The “Party of Principle” is now one of a “diversity of viewpoints”. Bombing numerous nations “right back into the desert” is now just one “libertarian” viewpoint within the LP. Apparently, to placate the invasion of Republican nobodies, the LP has broadened its principles so much that they can mean the opposite of what they have historically meant.

This is just another sign that libertarians no longer belong in the Libertarian Party. Once the LP has gone this far there is little likelihood it will revert to principles later on. Just bury the damn thing before the stench gets worse.

Photo: Sonny Landham, another failed Republican candidate now in the LP.