Friday, August 22, 2008

Dismissed wrestlers move on and fight back

At least one of the wrestlers from the University of Nebraska who was dismissed from wrestling team is contemplating fighting back. If you remember from my previous post the two young men were thrown off the team for posing for erotic photos for a website. Neither of them broke the law nor does the university actually point to any school rules that were broken.

Kenny Jordan, one of the young men, said he is seeking legal counsel. And everything I see indicates he can sue their pants off -- if you pardon the pun. He has a strong case. In addition several other universities are quite interested in having Mr. Jordan wrestle on their teams and aren't as hung up as the coach from Nebraska.

The other young man, Paul Donahue, was a national champion in the 125 pound weight division last year. He has already found another school and is transferring there. The University of Nebraska really screwed up in allowing this one coach to over-react because of his own personal feelings on the matter. Two other universities will benefit from having top-notch wrestling talent that UNL has thrown away.

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