Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Media circles for kill.

It is my guess that the media sharks are circling and hoping to rip Sarah Palin to shreds. Their darling is Obama and they are his foot soldiers.

The Left has been in a frenzy concocting rumors, lies and exaggerations to try and sink Palin. For a couple of days the Left was pushing the claim that Palin didn’t actually give birth in April. They claimed she invented the pregnancy and that the real mother was her teenage daughter.

But when Palin announced that the daughter is actually five months pregnant now that ruined that lie and it deflated very quickly. Even the increasingly odious Andrew Sullivan took to promoting it on his blog but then Andrew has the hots for Obama and when Andrew gets something into his thick skull it has to be true no matter what the evidence shows. Andrew works on faith and faith alone.

Of course since the daughter is now five months pregnant she couldn’t have been the “real” mother just four months ago.

Of course the media has also invented theories for everything. If something happens they will not only tell you what happened but they will invent the reasons that it happened. Palin is a presumed vice presidential candidate. Her daughter is five months pregnant. That will become a bit difficult to hide I would think. But the LA Times, and other unscrupulous publications, claim the real reason the announcement was made was “an effort to stop... ‘out of control’ Internet rumours that Plain’s youngest child actually was conceived by her daughter....”

Is that the reason they announced it? How about the fact that the way the media has been sniffing for blood? It seems to me that the pregnancy wasn’t exactly something that was going to stay a secret for very long and that announcing it was the most logical thing.

Exactly why is this girl’s pregnancy worth of media feeding frenzy? She did what evolution compels the young to do -- procreate. Admitted they aren’t wanting to procreate when they do it and probably wished to avoid it. But nature evolved us in such a way that sex is fun and the fun compels us forcing pregnancy in order to propagate the species. That’s evolution -- it sure ain’t intelligent design. No intelligent designer would riddle teens with gallons of hormones to make them incredibly randy and then shake his finger at them. Any creator that would do that is just mean and nasty. It’s evolution. It’s nature’s way of making sure babies are born. And Mother Nature isn’t that nice either, contrary to Green logic.

What disgusts me is that there are now tens of thousands of reports on this girl’s pregnancy. She is not the candidate and when the media, and the Left, starting going after the kids of candidates then they have gone too far. It’s just none of their damn business.

Certainly if a Democrat’s child were in a similar situation, and the Republicans were making political attacks out of it, the media would be condemning them most loudly. The media has one standard for candidates they like and a very different standard for candidates they don’t like. Since there are no candidates I like, I can hold them all to the same standard and their kids are off the table. How a candidate treats his or her children is an issue but the children themselves are not public property and the media should bud out.

That they are making such a big deal out of this indicates to me that many of them are gunning for Palin in a major way. Their intention, I suspect, is to try to force McCain into dumping Palin. The media was just thrilled to have a female sitting in the White House, provided it was Hillary. But Palin is the wrong female and they will try to crucify her. The reality is that the press has written their story for November -- they want to cover the “historic moment” when Obama is elected president. And they don’t want Palin interfering.

That they could hurt her daughter in the process is just collateral damage to the press.

Photo: the press gallery.

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