Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gang brags about beating crowd.

Some urban areas have gang problems with several gangs. The Bloods wear red to symbolize their gang. The Crips are fond of blue. That creates something of a conflict since another gang also is fond of blue -- the Cops.

Keep in mind that if you are asleep in the middle of the night and someone smashes down your door it is most likely going to be the last gang -- which in many ways is the most violent of all of them. As bad as the Crips and Bloods may be they don’t have a tendency to go around killing people’s dogs. The Boys in Blue however love killing dogs. Just google on dog, killed and police and see what happens.

The last gang is heavily narcissistic and believe they have a natural right to rule others and to hurt them. They believe they are deserving of special respect and are, in fact, above the law. They are closely bonded to one another and have no hesitation to lying for one another in court or under any investigation. If they attack you they will lie about how it started. If they kill a dog they will claim they were being “attacked” even if the dog was shot in the back fleeing them. The Boys in Blue gang apparently have a moral aversion to honesty and the truth. And they have this macho tendency to brag about their violence. They relish it and enjoy harming people. It offers them amusement.

We witnessed this gang in Denver when they started grabbing people on the streets for protesting -- even non-violent people. You may remember these armed thugs in body armor with big, big guns to compensate for their tiny.... Well, never mind. A lot of people were disgusted with how the cops in Denver trampled on the Constitution.

The Boys in Blue gang however thought it was all good fun. They have a head gang there called the Police Protective Association which representing the 1,400 members of the Denver Boys in Blue gang.

To celebrate their attacks on protesters at the Democratic convention the head gang had a T-shirt printed up. The local CBS outlet describes the shirt as having “a menacing-looking police figure, wearing what looks like a Denver police badge and clutching a baton.” Along with this menacing figure is the slogan the police find just so amusing: “WE GET UP EARLY, to BEAT the crowds.”

The Boys in Blue gang are selling the t-shirts for $10 each. The head gang for them gave one to every police officer in Denver and says that “officers from other departments... have been clamoring for the shirts” with “so much demand” they had “to reorder more shirts.”

You may remember that I blogged about a business started by cops to sell clothes to exclusively to other cops. One of their best sellers is the shirt that says “Death Dealer” on it. As I said, this gang is big into machismo posturing. But don’t get me wrong -- they are very dangerous and should be avoided whenever possible.