Friday, January 16, 2009

Mormons lied...

The Mormon Church, the muscles behind the antigay Proposition 8 in California, lied. Anyone reading this blog knew that already. The Church claimed they had only given $2000 to Prop 8 but they hid a large amount of the money they spent without reporting it, as required. This video shows them admitting how they were going to set up expensive internet campaigns and calling centers to contact voters. None of those expenses were reported by the Yes on 8 campaign or the Mormon Church.

As for tax exemption for the church, I say abolish it. While I'm in favor of abolishing all taxes as quickly as possible until then these religious groups shouldn't be exempt. The people they were attacking with Prop 8 had to defend their rights with income they had AFTER taxes. The Mormon Church had no such obstacle. They enjoyed a privilege denied to the people they were attacking. If the Church wishes to remain tax exempt then church leaders have no business running political campaigns.

That the Mormon sect uses its tax exemption to run political campaigns ought to worry everyone.

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